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About us

Based in the North East of England, FMA has been delivering creative solutions and experiences for over 20 years.

FMA’s passion is creative. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We strive for excellence in our creative output and challenge each other to push boundaries and create visuals that wow, delight and honour purpose.

We’re all about magnificent layouts, stunning graphics and unforgettable typefaces. We remember the good-old-days of perfect prints, but know how to master graphics for our digital age.

Tim Cantle-Jones


Graeme Maher

Creative Director

John Stafford

Lead Developer


Creative minds that can absorb visual trends and deploy them in fresh and exciting ways. Whether you want something new or to make your current brand work harder, our dedicated team is here for you.


Combining creativity and technical skills we know that just looking good isn’t enough - we strive to exceed client needs for user experience that engages your audience and gets results.


Overseeing and developing  attention grabbing ideas that will entice the target audience, we work together to develop campaigns designed to stand out from the crowd.


Writing well-researched and accurate content to promote client needs, adding value by actively engaging your audience and maintaining a cohesive brand voice.

Our Partners


SEO, content marketing and social media services that improve your Google rankings, website traffic, brand awareness, audience engagement and sales.


A complete video production service working in the corporate space, aerial/drone footage and photography.


Providing a wide range of outdoor and exhibition printing services along with project management and installation.


Award winning PR  consultant Stan Abbott.

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